Lean workplace

Pick To light

ESD Workstation

ESD safe workstations from the idea to the final assembling. Ask for inquiry today!

ESD Lean trolley

Trolley with stainless steel shelves!

IRIS system

Printing station

Pipe racking system

FIFO rack

Lean Workstation

Lean unique pipe racking system. Ideal solution for assembly! In case specifically ideal for frequently changing manufacturing model ! Easy assembling with minimal loss! Request a custom quote today !

Tool foam trolley

Tool foam shelf with pipe racking system!

Pipe racking system above the production line

Pipe racking system above the production line!

Custom built trolleys

Custom built trolleys from pipe racking system! Ask for uniqe offer!


Pipe system for paper cover storage! Ask for more info:

Lean Factory by Depository Ltd.

Some applications: material storage rack, worktable, demostration units, team board, shelf, packing station, material feeder, gravity flow rack, FIFO rack, mobile carts, x-trolley, cleaning tool storage, folding screen, push cart, operation worstation, lean factory...

Depository lean system abroad

Depository Ltd, has contacts in abroad: Slovakia, Szlovenia, Austria, Romania and Serbia! Custom-built and design gravity tracks, lean trolleys, tubular scaffolding, FIFO desk, operator desk, buffer storage, picking table, team board and tool holders from Depository Ltd! We work on discount rates at short notice! Offer respond to your request within one day!

Lean storage pipe racking system

Available wide range of storage racks, trolleys and other custom-made workstations! Please ask for inquiry!

Lean pipe assembly

Lean system available at Depository Ltd! Ask for inquiry! Lean worktables, FIFO racks, cable holders, lean carts and trolleys! We put the Lean-Kaisen thinking in practice! We deliver in all Europe! 3D design, assembly, delivery in affordable prices!

Metal handler cart

Depository Lftd, newest designed metal transport cart made by pipe system!

Exhibition Stand from Depository!

Lifting table from pipe racking system by Depository Ltd!

Depository designed lifting table perfect solution for different workers. Ergonomic and easily set the height!

Material handler FIFO rack from Depository!

Latest aseembly work was a box holder and FIFO rack from pipre racking system by Depository!

FIFO rack from pipe system

Our latest work is a FIFO flow rack from blue tubes! Gravity roller conveyor precise settings help the smooth running of the production!

Complex sulutions from DEPOsitory Ltd if you look for pipe racking system!

Complete production lines and workplants from tubular system. Get a quote!

Kaban cart from tubular system

Kanban carts from tubular design with label holders. Depository Ltd, a specialist in tubular systems!

FIFO storage Cart

Tubular FIFO storage tank. Ergonomic and cost efficient design. Contact our office in Budapest or Salgótarján!

Tubular milkrun cars

Customised Milkrun cars, design and construction throughout the country.

Flexible tubular rack system

Tubular design based on individual needs and bearers. Distribution and implementation of Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

Pipe system combined with metal frame system

Custom made racks made with metal frames and gravity placons! Ivory coloured pipes with black joint are the most popupar coice of our partners! If you have different need ask for it!

Custom made gravity rack from pipe racking system

Recently assembled custom made gravity product holder rack in Budapest with guided placons! If you have an idea we deliver to reality! Ask for inquiry!

Tubular racks for KLT boxes

Box holding lightweight racks from pipe racking system in white colour! Normal and ESD versions also available with placons or shelfs! Ask for inquiry at today!

Flexible box holder rack in white

White coloured gravity flow rack assembled in Veszprem made by Depsitory Ltd. Custom made solutions on reasonalbe prices from Budapest! Ask our collegues for inquiry!

Lightweight pipe system from Depository!

Lightweight racking system assembly all over Europe with short deadlines! Gravity flow racks with uniform apperance in Hungary! Label holder used for better visualisation! Ask product inquiry today!

Tubular workstation feeder rack

Expand your pipe racking system with Depository Ltd! Quick solution for your logistical needs in reasonalbe prices! We deliver from Budapest to all over Europe!

KLT box handling racks and carts

KLT box handling racks and trolleys with pipe racking system! Custom made solutions from Depository! Test our prices today! info@depositoryhu

Gravity system from Depository!

Easily installed FIFO flow racks made for Bosch Hungary! Depository Ltd supporting your Lean Production System! Ask for inquiry today! We deliver from our warehouse!

Tubular FIFO rack

Special designed FIFO racks with placons assembled in Hungary! This system based on different demands, test us today!

KLT handling cart

Tubular carts made in Budapest! Normal and ESD version is also available at Depository Ltd! Expand or convert quckly and easily with pipe racking system! Ask our experts for help!

Tubular Carts

Personalised sized carts and trolleys from Depository Ltd! All material delivery from stock within a week! Assembly on reasonable prices with short deadline! Ask for inquiry at!

FIFO Flow Racks

With pipe racking system you can enjoy the advantage of low cost material handling with KAISEN and LEAN thinking! Flexible system can easily used with other logistical systems, such as palette racking system! Ask our collegues for inquiry! We deliver quality in reasonable prices!

Workplaces made from pipe racking system

Lean workplaces made by Depository Ldt in Miskolc! Various coloured pipes and joints depending your needs! Also available pipe racking system combinated with plastic product and metal work. Ask for inquiry!

Lean Pipe system carts and trolleys from Depository Ltd!

Material holder carts and trolleys made from pipe racking system in Györ! If you interested in ask for inquiry at! We speek English, German and Romanian!